Tuesday, August 7, 2012

New Illinois Laws Aim to Protect Seniors

Illinois has once again demonstrated a commitment to protecting senior citizens. On July 28, 2012 Governor Quinn signed into law several new measures in an effort to promote safety, increase oversight and accountability for caregivers and help authorities identify and respond to reports to reports of abuse, neglect, and exploitation. As the elderly population continues to grow and awareness of elder abuse increases, lawmakers continue to strive to protect vulnerable seniors from being taken advantage of by their purported "caretakers."

“Our seniors deserve our respect and protection against those who would take advantage of them,” Governor Quinn said. “Safeguarding seniors from exploitation and abuse will make our state stronger.” You can learn more about the new Illinois nursing home laws by clicking here.

Sadly, nursing home residents continue to be frequent victims of abuse and neglect. Keating Law Offices is committed to protecting the rights and pursing justice for nursing home abuse and neglect victims. 

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