Friday, July 15, 2011

Maryhaven of Glenview Nursing Home Resident Dies from Assault

It has been reported that 86-year old Mercedes Iverson, who was a resident at Maryhavevn Nursing and Rehabilitation in Glenview, died on July 14, 2011 as a result of homicide. Ms. Iverson's death was originally reported as a result of a fall, but an autopsy concluded that Ms. Iverson's death was actually caused by a physical assault from another person. The reports do not indicate any suspects in the homicide, but it appears that Ms. Iverson died while a resident at Maryhaven.

A nursing home has a duty under the Illinois Nursing Home Care Act to provide services and supervision to keep its residents safe. This includes keeping residents safe from other residents as well as making sure no employees or staff members cause harm to a resident. Any nursing home that fails to meet these basic requirements may ultimately be found liable in a civil action against the home and be subject to investigation by the Illinois Department of Public Health.

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