Friday, December 24, 2010

Viral Outbreak in Michigan Nursing Home Illustrates Risks

Reports of a viral outbreak in a Michigan nursing home illustrates the risk of wide-spread outbreak of viral disease in nursing homes. The risk of wide-spread outbreaks in nursing homes is high for two primary reasons: 1) the density of residents in a relatively small area; and 2) the diminished immune systems of many elderly or disabled residents. These two facts combine to create a "perfect storm" in nursing homes where wide-spread outbreaks of diseases are possible.

Illinois nursing homes have a responsibility to provide the highest level of care possible to its residents. This includes providing proper sanitary conditions and utilizing modern sanitation techniques. The risk of many viral diseases can be reduced with simple practices such as the nursing staff washing their hands after handling each residents and using common hand sanitizers. Unfortunately, many staff members in nursing homes do not bother to use these simple techniques and this leads to the spread of disease. A failure such as this is a very simple example of nursing home negligence.

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